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L-Soft Intl LISTSERV Manuals

To Join the TRINET List

To request  membership to TRINET, you must submit a biosketch. The biosketch, of less than 250 words, should include the following:

Position and affiliation:
Phone number:
FAX number:
Email address:
Research interests:
Research publications (a list of your major work):

Send your biosketch to: TRINET-L-REQUEST@LISTS.HAWAII.EDU. Please do not send it as part of an attached file, but as part of your email message. 

This information is necessary:

  1. To ensure that all subscribers to TRINET are active researchers in tourism.
  2. To have this information on file for other subscribers of TRINET to access. We look forward to receiving your information and to welcoming you to TRINET.

Contact the TRINET List Administrator

Tourism Research Information Network

Founded in 1988 by:


 Pauline Sheldon, PhD

Pauline J. Sheldon, PhD
Professor of Tourism
School of Travel Industry Management
University of Hawaii

 Jafar Jafari, PhD

Jafar Jafari, PhD
Editor, Annals of Tourism Research
University of Wisconsin-Stout

What is TRINET?
TRINET is an electronic bulletin board which serves as a means to connect the international tourism research and education community. Its purpose is to promote an exchange of information relevant to tourism research and to create a place for open debate on issues related to tourism research and education.

TRINET, started in 1988, is well established as the main tourism research information network.

This is not a commercial network therefore commercials are not allowed. Only announcements which promote communication, research, education and scholarship, such as conference announcements, new book titles, and academic positions fit the spirit and mission of TRINET.

How do I join TRINET?
TRINET is a closed bulletin board. Each potential subscriber is required to send a request for admission to the board. (See column - "Join the TRINET List")

Once subscribed to TRINET as a member, you can post messages to the board on relevant topics. Your email address and personal information will not be passed on to anyone outside of the TRINET list.

Is there a charge to join TRINET?
No, the University of Hawaii and the School of Travel Industry Management provide the resources necessary to maintain the TRINET list. 

Who is on TRINET?
There are approximately 1,000 subscribers to TRINET spanning over 50 countries around the world. Though the majority of subscribers are in academia, active researchers in the government and private sectors are also represented.

How much email does TRINET generate?
Once you are subscribed to TRINET, all messages will drop into your email box. The message volume varies but averages 5-10 messages per week.

Can students join TRINET?
At this time we are only able to accept applications from students at the PhD level.

What are considered "valid messages" that I can post to TRINET?
Valid messages are those that would be of interest to, at a minimum, part of the membership. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Commentary and discussion on issues and topics in tourism research and education
  • Requests for information on tourism research topics (Please avoid “Tell me everything you know about sustainable tourism” type requests. Be specific and selective.)
  • Announcements of conferences and events
  • Announcements of new books, journal publications, etc.
  • Tables of Contents of tourism journals
  • Announcements of new jobs and positions in the field

What benefits would I get as a participating member of TRINET?
Many subscribers find that the benefit comes after a request has been posted - from the individual responses, contacts and communications that follow.

What if I find that I am no longer receiving messages from TRINET?
Messages are sent to the email address that you sent us when you first subscribed.

Contact the TRINET List Administrator and provide your new email address. We'll be happy to resubscribe you.

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